Summer of Creativity


It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my hands dirty doing art. As the years went by and I went from being a child to being an adult, I think I pushed that part of myself to the background in favor of “more serious” pursuits…a job that would pay the bills and provide security. But even though I pushed my creative self back, I’ve found that you can never really get rid of it because every so often I get these crazy urges…to go buy art supplies, to see a museum show, to visit other artists’ websites and Pinterest looking at other people’s artwork, and to set pencil, paintbrush or glue to paper. Recently, I was thinking about what I had wanted to be when I was a little girl and all I remember was being consumed by art and books. I took art lessons and loved drawing and being inventive with all the craft supplies my mom had at home. I entered art contests and won. I wrote book reviews and had them published in our local paper. I was fearless and unafraid to try anything. I wanted to be an artist and a writer more than anything. Maybe it was because I didn’t know anyone who had taken that path before or maybe it was because everyone else was doing something else. Maybe it was because expectations were that I would do something “worthwhile and successful.” Or maybe it was just because I got older and as we get older we start to lose that childish enthusiasm and that belief that we really can do or be anything. Whatever the reason, I realize now that somewhere along the way I lost that belief in myself and went instead down the path of the expected and the safe. Well, I’m tired of that path and I want to change direction. I’m going to spend this summer exploring my artist self to see what she might have up her sleeves. In the last week, I’ve bought some new supplies and have been trying things I’ve never done before…and I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what comes from tapping back into that little girl dream that I once had. Glad you’re along for the ride 🙂


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