I love all the layers in mixed media work. As I lay down each component, I try to choose papers or ephemera and stamps and paint that complement each other. I Thought I would show you some detail shots of the original painting I posted yesterday. I love mixing the old with the new and this piece does just that. In the top left corner is a 1911 New Jersey postcard that I found at an antiques shop. I love the wording because it references sweet corn in summer. I also placed some decorative sheet music paper and painted a blue wash over top with rubbed gold paint and distressing ink. I love old stamps and both Lincoln and a pretty pink heart make their way into this painting. I love the “Pray for Peace” cancellation on the Lincoln stamp. Some floral washi tape and another vintage postcard of a Virginia Beach boardwalk round out the bottom of the piece. I love sailboats and I chose to paint a simple boat as the main painting. I wanted to inspire the free feeling one gets when they’re out on the water and so I included a flag with the word “BRAVE” on it and named the boat “Explore the Possibilities.”


I really love how this turned out. The blue wash over the whole piece brought all the elements together and the red boat really pops against the calm background. Let me know what you think.


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