Bright Faith


I was recently reading Danielle LaPorte’s book, “The Fire Starter Sessions” and she talks about the idea of Bright Faith, a Buddhist principle that she describes as “the Holy Cow, I’m standing at the beginning of something that is so insanely ripe with potential that I wanna get naked and roll all over it right now while singing rock opera.” And that’s how I feel about the journey that I’m beginning by starting my own art business. Putting myself out there as an artist feels both exciting, terrifying and like the most natural thing in the world…something that has been a long time coming.

Danielle also quotes Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg who says that “The enthusiasm, energy, and courage we need in order to leave the safe path, to stop aligning ourselves with the familiar and convenient, arise with bright faith.” This totally resonates with me because since I was a teenager I’ve rejected the idea that I am an artist because it doesn’t line up with conventional expectations. Get into business, medicine, law, government, accounting…these are true professions and ones in which you’ll be secure and achieve some level of culturally acceptable success. But luckily, the artistic impulses that we creative types feel don’t just disappear and the years of that nagging, tugging voice have brought me to this point. After almost 20 years of denying that I am an artist and working in jobs that didn’t tap into my creative potential…

I’m beginning. Despite fear and expectations. Despite naysayers and those who mean well but don’t understand. Despite leaving the path of security and the known.

I’m beginning.

With bright faith.


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