Little by Little


Sometimes our goals and dreams can get overwhelming. Maybe you want to earn a degree but you keep thinking about all the classes you’ll have to attend or all the papers you’ll have to write and books you’ll have to read. Maybe you want to start your own business but between the business registration, taxes, marketing, product development and social media responsibilities, you say forget about it. It’s just too much to take on all at once. I’m like that. I get overwhelmed by all the details and steps and requirements that sometimes I can’t even bring myself to do #1 on my To-Do List.

But it helps to put away the to-do list and just focus on the task at hand, right? Every successful person whether it be in business, academics, art, writing, science, culinary, etc. will tell you that it took time and a lot of hard work…a lot of one-step-at-a-time hard work…to get them to where they are today. If we put aside the worrying about every single step we’ll need to take in order to complete our goal or reach our dream, and instead focus on today’s task…the one thing that needs to be accomplished right now…well, then we’re one step closer to that goal without the worry and the anxiety.

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot lately as I’m about to embark on my business journey…opening an Etsy shop filled with my artwork. I’ve never exhibited my work, never owned a shop before, never ran a business. And I worry about the details and the opinions and the reviews. Maybe no one will buy anything. Maybe I’ll fail at being a shop owner. Maybe I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and don’t deserve to even contemplate this dream.

But then I take a deep breath. And I remind myself that no one ever got anywhere worth while easily. That I am as deserving of this chance as anyone else. That I am talented. That I’m smart and capable. That I don’t want to stay forever working in the gray cubicle that I currently inhabit. That I want more. And in order to get more, I have to step outside my comfort zone.


I recently created this piece entitled, “Little by Little” when I came across this great J.R. Tolkien quote. “Little by little, one travels far.” It’s a reminder that those tiny little baby steps really do take you somewhere. And that even a slow, mindful, deliberate turtle can travel miles. Little by little.

This mixed media painting will be available in my Etsy shop in September.


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