Colorado Getaway


I’ve just gotten around to writing about my long weekend trip a few weeks ago to visit my good friend, Adrienne, in Colorado. I was there for my first trip back in November when it was much colder and snow was blanketing the roads and mountains. But this time the weather was sunny and bright with just a slight coolness in the air–kind of like New Jersey in late September. It was perfect. I really needed a few days away after many months on-the-go with work, wedding, family, etc.


And while I was there I took advantage of the great weather. I somehow managed to bike down the Cherry Creek Trail, eat the most delicious ice cream at Little Man and duck poutine at Euclid Hall (if you’re confused about this, research it–CRAZY GOOD!), went horseback riding on Mt. Princeton, soaked in mineral springs, stayed at the quirkiest B&B, stopped by an art fair and bought a cool bracelet and earrings, and sang lots of songs while road tripping through gorgeous mountain passes. This trip was jam-packed but in a really good way that made me feel happy and refreshed.


I’m sharing some photo highlights. Check them out. Can’t wait for my next Colorado trip! Thanks for being such a great host, Adrienne!











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