Bucket List–Monhegan Island


The May issue of Coastal Living magazine is full of beautiful beach photography and ideas for planning out your summer. But as I was flipping through, my eyes fell on a photo of a rocky coastline with pine trees and old clapboard houses and the large letters that spelled out MONHEGAN ISLAND. There’s something very mysterious about the island–with its rolling fog and the sound of gulls flying overhead; the artists’ studios peppered throughout the island; and reminders of the harsh laboring life of lobstermen. But it also seems like the perfect place to reflect on nature, on art and on life. The sunlight and the salty sea air combined with the hearty chowders and seafood plates offered by the local eateries make for the perfect vacation.

The tiny island ten miles off the coast of Maine has been attracting artists to its shores for more than 100 years. Even famous names like William Henry Singer, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. Only about 50 people live on the island year-round due to the weather and the ferry-only access. There are no paved roads and only occasional cell phone service. But people still flock to the island in the summers for the angelic light, the abundant lobster and the peace and quiet. Artist Alison Hill lives on the island year-round and paints beautiful landscapes of Mongehan’s historic buildings, coves and beaches. She says of living on the island: “Through some fortunate circumstances, I am now living on Monhegan Island…In the summer I run a studio gallery, and off season I spend painting, traveling, doing portraits, and other art related endeavors. Monhegan offers endless inspiration, no matter what the season, and I feel very fortunate to call this home.”


“Monhegan Lighthouse” by Alison Hill

Definitely adding this hauntingly beautiful spot to my bucket list.


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