Art Therapy


When I’m working on my art I feel free and relaxed. I feel like I can try news things and embrace that silly part of myself that has been there since I was five. I’m also drawn to messages that I think are inspiring. Quotes and images that make me feel good. And if they resonate with me, I know they also resonate with people out there. My latest finished piece is a large mixed media painting that really turned out be a form of art therapy. Over the last few months, I’ve been going through a major life transition and it’s taken a while to realize that all the hurt and pain that comes from challenging experiences does turn into good eventually. Wounds can become entryways for the light to enter.


Rumi is a constant inspiration. Despite having lived in the 13th-century, he and his poetry transcend time, culture, and gender. His messages are universal and thought-provoking. This particular quote stuck with me: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” I imagined a beautiful golden light entering my heart and filling me with happiness and peace. The light is soft and magical and gently cures pain and disappointment, turning it into promise and fulfillment.



Working on this piece has been therapeutic. The vintage photos, decorative papers, stamps, acrylic painting and messages about blessings, light and beauty have all worked their own form of magic on me. And it seems that just as this painting has been completed, I’ve also moved from one phase of my journey to another. The light has entered and the healing has begun from the inside.




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