Photo Love


I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. Being able to capture a moment in time is a powerful thing. My first camera as a young girl was a little point and shoot film number with very few bells and whistles. It was a great way to start exploring photography and documenting the world around me. And even now, many years later, I use photography to go beyond what we see in our busy everyday lives. When you look through the viewfinder or on the screen, you can choose what the subject will be. You can focus on one very small element of a landscape and create a story out of it. I think my photography says a lot about who I am and what interests me. The subjects I choose are simply the people, places and things that call out to me and strike a chord. 


Of course, digital is the way most photographers go now. But I also still love shooting with film and more recently, I’ve fallen in love with Polaroid. The instant gratification of Polaroid film and the slightly foggy effect on the surface of the photos lend a kind of mysterious and ethereal look to all the images. And the Polaroid miniatures allow me to snap small detail shots and add them to my journal with notes or to artwork with embellishments. Each camera provides a different type of shooting experience and a different end product, making photography easy, fun and versatile. Of course, when I’m on the go or caught without a camera, I simply use my smartphone. It takes great photos and I can instantly send the images to my social media accounts or email them to myself for blogging. 


I use photography to capture fun and unexpected moments. This image was taken while my mom and I were waiting on line for a cab outside Penn Station in New York City. We were on our way to lunch and then to see Mama Mia on Broadway. I just loved the message that the cab pulled up with: NEVER HIDE. You never know what you might find in the city–cool fashion, unique architecture, surprising events, and special details. Always a good place to take photos.


One of my favorite things to do is travel and this photo was taken while visiting a friend in Colorado. We were road-tripping from Denver to Salida and saw this beautiful entrance road to someone’s property. We pulled over and took some photos and I just love what it captures. Big blue sky, green rolling pastures, and the mountains in the distance. 


I love capturing elements of nature. Blooming trees, waves crashing, sunlight reflecting off the lake, flowers, and mountain views. Being in outdoors always calms me and reminds me of the power of Mother Nature. And the seasons reflect the cyclical nature of life and how fortunate we are to be a part of it. 


Sometimes it’s just fun to look for interesting shapes and unique perspectives. This ferris wheel is from a trip to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. I like the symmetry and the vintage-like feel of the ride. It reminds me of summer nights spent on the boardwalk in Seaside, NJ, the smell of cotton candy and popcorn, and the rush of the rides high up in the sky.


Now that the weather is getting even warmer (85 degrees today!), I’m looking forward to photo road trips and days spent outside capturing the beauty and abundance of summer. Whether you have a camera in your phone or the fanciest digital model, spend some time this week exploring your world through a lens. What stories do you want to tell? What people, places and things do you want to capture? What lights up your heart? Think about it. Find it. And photograph it. 


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