Some Favorite Things


I’m always coming across cool people, places or things on the web and want to share them but they don’t individually work for writing a whole blog post. So I’ve gathered up some of my faves from the last few weeks and am sharing them here in a little end-of-the-week round-up. Hope you enjoy them. Have a beautiful and joyful weekend, wherever you are.

W.E. Just watched this fantastic movie about the parallel lives of the infamous Wallace Simpson and a twenty-eight year old wife living in New York City in 1998. Really beautiful and thought-provoking. Also, directed by Madonna.

Noisli This is seriously one of the best things I’ve stumbled upon in a while. A background noise generator! While I’m writing or working on artwork, I can listen to the sound of a thunder storm, or a crackling fire, or birds in the forest. But my favorite is the ocean–crashing waves and seagulls. Perfection.

Robin Luciano Beaty I’m mesmerized by this encaustic painter’s work. The fluidity and the interesting layers–glass, nails, paper–are haunting. Also check out this video of her working in her studio.

Re-discovered Fleet Foxes. Great music for painting or relaxing or road trips.

Made John Legend’s Macaroni & Cheese for Mother’s Day and it was sooooooo delicious. Used a full box of pasta though.

A great video on rising with the dawn.

Finishing this book and starting this one.

Finally ordering Kinfolk magazine because I’m tired of hearing everyone else talk about it!

This woman created a Break-Up Bucket List (but reminds us to keep a bucket list even when in a relationship). Good stuff!



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