Sharing a just-completed mixed media piece with you today. It’s called “Fragile” and it was made with acrylic paint, water soluble oil pastels, Strathmore mixed media paper, washi tape, decorative papers, vintage stamp, gold leaf, paint pens, gold and silver nails, and Color Shine spray colors in Teal and Sweet Cherry.


The inspiration for this piece came from an image that floated into my head recently–a bird displaced from his bird cage and in his place, a beating heart. It got me thinking about how we protect ourselves from hurt and heartache. Sometimes we can’t prevent the events that harm us–tragedies, death, illness. But there are other times when we could have listened more intently to our inner voices–the intuition that tells us something is not right.


That inner voice is there to guide us but in this world of cell phones, laptops, social media, and packed to the brim to-do lists, the voice sometimes gets muted. “Fragile” is my own reminder that my heart is strong and beautiful but it needs for me to protect it and treat it well in order to maintain that strength.


That means a few different things–take care of myself physically so that my heart can keep pumping and I can live a life filled with vitality and energy; practice self-care through rest, meditation, and healthy eating; and protect myself from the kind of people who deplete me, bring me down, or who are not in alignment with my core values while surrounding myself with friends and family who lift me up, inspire me, and make me want to be a better version of myself.


Protect Your Heart–It’s Fragile.




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