I’m Published!

CPS Cover













Last October, I did something totally out of character for me at the time. I submitted photos of my artwork, along with an essay I wrote on finding time to do art, to my favorite mixed media magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors. Weeks and then months went by and I didn’t hear from them. I actually totally forgot that I had even submitted anything. And then in March I got a phone call from the Assistant Editor, Barbara Delaney, saying that they loved my work and wanted to include it in the summer edition of the magazine. I think I stuttered. I might have been silent for a long time. I think I questioned whether or not it was my brother calling to play a trick on me. But it was real. And after a few months of preparation (sending my artwork to the Cloth Paper Scissors headquarters in Massachusetts for professional photographing, signing a contract, writing a short bio for the magazine, and discussing my process and sourcing of vintage materials with Barbara), the magazine has come out. It’s gorgeous! And the team at Cloth Paper Scissors gave me quite the surprise. They chose my artwork for the COVER!


Today the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is on newsstands! I finally get to see my work in Barnes & Noble. It’s a dream come true and the start of some other very exciting projects. And it all began because I was willing to push fear aside and take a leap of faith. The very minute that I put my artwork out into the universe, without self judgment or criticism, is the very moment that things began for me. Since then, I’ve been published, I’ve sold a bunch of paintings, I’ve created a beautiful website, online shop, and blog, I’ve been interviewed by a local reporter for a feature in the newspaper, and I’ve been given opportunities to expand my work into other areas like illustration, book publishing, and licensing.

On this day, when I’m absolutely overwhelmed with happiness, I just want to encourage other people to put their work out there. Every step of the way, I’ve been fearful, but I pushed that aside and kept going anyway. And with each little step, comes more bravery and more confidence in my work and my mission.

The July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is now available online, at Barnes & Noble, and craft stores like Michael’s and AC Moore. Check it out and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “I’m Published!

  1. I just found your blog through my issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Bought it yesterday after seeing your art on the cover. Publishers must know what covers will generate sales and they must be right. It’s absolutely beautiful. LOVE your work.

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