New Paintings


I’ve been doing research on India, gardens, and emeralds for a commission I’m working on and, of course, online research is like falling down the rabbit-hole. One subject leads you to another and another and another until you’re reading about things not even remotely related to your original subject. And this is exactly what happened to me. I somehow came upon drawings of Native American symbolism and teepee painting. Pictograms with heavy meanings, interesting shapes, and vibrant colors made from natural pigments. In particular, I fell in love with some figurative animals. I was so drawn to the animals and their symbolic meaning, that I took a break from commission work to create something out of them.


I decided to pencil draw them and then color them in with black watercolor. I then cut out each one—a deer (gentleness), a horse (nobility), an eagle (freedom), and a plumed bird (worthy) and I affixed them to four small canvases I had already prepped with background painting. I then worked around the animals, defining their space and making sure they blended in nicely. Lastly, I painted the edges all around to finish off each piece. After they dried, I hung them up in their temporary home.

IMG_1489But they will be up for sale on the Etsy shop by the end of the week. Check them out. They would work as great individual gifts for a friend or loved one to remind them of their wonderful qualities. Or they would work really well as a set of four for some beautiful wall art. I really enjoyed the research that led me to learning about something I never knew much about. Native American art and symbolism is fascinating. I will definitely continue to play with these images and others I found…I think next will have to be a teepee! Stay tuned.











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